Works on digging of the largest in Georgia railway tunnel are completed
November 21, 2017

Works on digging of the longest in Georgia tunnel, about 8,5 km. are completed. Double-track, two independent from each other tunnels, will connect western and eastern parts of the country with each other. The construction of the Kvishkheti-Zvare tunnel is a part of the modernization project of the Tbilisi-Makhindzhauri main-line.

The construction of the tunnel realizes "23-d Bureau of the Chinese railway. The project is also controlled by the international winner -company of a competition - ILF and DB International Consortium".

At an event given upon the completion of the works on digging, a prime minister of Georgia Giorgy Kvirikashili, the ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Georgia JI Yanchi, the CEO of "the 23rd bureau of the Chinese railway" Ciao Hongvu, the Minister of Finance of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze, representatives of the Georgian railway and the members of the government and other invited guests were present.

According to the head of government of Georgia Giorgy Kvirikashvili, the project implementation will play a very significant role in the development of infrastructure of the country.

"As a result of implementation of this large-scale project carrying capacity of the railway line will increase, safety of the rolling stock on a pass section will amplify and what also is very important, time of a trip will be reduced and the train will cover the distance from Tbilisi to Batumi for smaller time. "The Georgian railway" makes many efforts in order to carry out railway updating project timely and with full compliance with the standards. So, in the direction of Tbilisi-Makhindzhauri shortly we will have an updated railway infrastructure, according to the modern standards", - the Prime minister has declared.

According to Giorgiy Kvirikashvili, the railway modernization project is the most large-scale component on reforms of the 4-paragraph plan of the government – arrangement of space, as a result of implementation of which, the country will have absolutely new infrastructure in accordance with the modern standards - with new and updated railway stations, ports and the airports, with tourist infrastructure.

"I also would like to note, that the project of a main-line Tbilisi-Makhindzhauri is significant also for development of the deep-water port of Anakliya. These two projects jointly, will fundamentally change the transit potential of Georgia and an economic landscape, therefore, their successful implementation is the main task of our country. These are the projects, which will make a big progress in the country", -has noted the prime minister of Georgia Giorgy Kvirikashvili

According to the statement of the director of the branch of infrastructure of the JSC" Georgian railway" Vasily Khorava – "The Georgian railway" once again will provide the significant role, in that important corridor in which Georgia without that is already as the geo-strategic country for many other countries, in this case from Asia to Europe and vice versa".

It is a very important issue for Georgia, the longest tunnel in Georgia has been open. It is one of the main responses in the relationships between China and Georgia, in construction of the New Silk Way and also a forum of the Silk Way" - the ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Georgia JI Yanchi has noted.

"After realization of the railway modernization project , quantitatively and qualitatively, the infrastructure of the Georgian railway will become much more competitive and will execute the main role in ensuring complete use of transit potential of Georgia", - the Minister of Finance Mamuka Bakhtadze has declared.

We will remind, that the construction of the mainline railway Tbilisi-Makhindzhauri has begun in 2011 and it will be completed approximately in two years. Within the mentioned project 6 new tunnels are under construction. After involvement of the main line railway, running time between Tbilisi and Batumi will be reduced by an hour, at the same time highway capacity considerably will increase.

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