Batumi - "Black Sea Arena", - the additional train "Black Sea Arena"- Batumi is appointed
May 17, 2018

In order to transport people to attend Ennio Morricone’s concert and avoid the highway overload, the Georgian Railway on May 19 adds one commuter train. The commuter train (No.6305 / 6306) Batumi-Ureki will run to the following schedule: a one-minute stop on all operating platforms (Makhinjauri, Chakvi, Kobuleti, Ochkhamuri, Natanebi, Ureki) in both directions, and a three-minute stop on the Black Sea Arena platform in both directions.

Because of the train appointment: on May 19, the train (# 613) Batumi-Ozurgeti changes the schedule for one run: departure from Batumi at 18-50 (instead 18-05), arrival in Makhindzhauri at 18-55, 57; Chakvi at ​​19-10, 19-15; Kobuleti at 19-30, 10-32; Ochkhamuri at 19-19, 19-43; Nataneby at 19-53, 19-55, and in Ozurgeti at 20-55. Stops remain unchanged.

Because of the additional train in the "Black Sea Arena direction ", a train (№5402 / 5401) Kutaisi-Batumi is assigned. Departure on May 19, from Kutaisi I, at 12-55; further by dispatch regulation to Batumi. On may 20, from Batumi back at 1-30; and by dispatch regulation to Kutaisi I.

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